Monday, December 29, 2008


So listen to this. Tonight at about 8:20pm Tori and I arrived at the nearest redbox location to return a movie I rented a couple nights before. Conveniently this redbox site has two machines, one inside the store and one on the outside. With the temperature easily below freezing and having Tori with me there wasn't a question that I was going to go inside to return my movie. After I quickly took Tori out of the car seat I headed toward for the warmth of the store at a bit faster pace of a normal walk to get Tori out the cold. I was not in any time crunch to return my DVD to avoid another one dollar fee, I just wanted to get inside. Well as I was about to pass the outside redbox with a ridiculously long line a lady zoomed up, parked in the fire lane, jump out of her car, ran in front of me (seriously, she was running), and then jump into the line in the line I was never going to get into. Shameful! Oh let me tell you I let her know that she was shameful. I said as I was walking past," Oh my gosh who does that runs in front of someone with a baby in the cold?" Then as the door was opening I turned around pointed at Tori, looked that little winch right in the eye and gave her the stinkiest stink eye, and said "Seriously." Of course she knew she was wrong and said nothing back to me because she knew she was shameful.

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