Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I am now less than two weeks away from from my due date! :0 It is crazy that this baby could come at anytime, and anytime would be good. I am so ready to meet my baby and to be a mom. Another reason baby should come anytime is because yesterday seems like it was a week ago. Time is slowing down and feels like it is going to stop. Fortunately, I feel good most of the time. I even feel as if I could grow more with out feeling like a total whale. So for that reason I think baby won't be coming till or after her due date. Whatever.
Tomorrow we will see if my body is making any progress toward having this baby. It will be the first time for the doc to check out my cervix. Is it weird I am excited for that? I just can't wait to see if I've dilated at all, or if I'm at all effaced. To get news that my body has made progress will be so invigorating. If there hasn't been any action down there, well I guess time will slow down even more. Blah.

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