Wednesday, January 9, 2008

An Introduction to my life

I am so happy to be starting a blog so all my wonderful family and friends can keep tabs on Jake, me, and soon to be here baby green.
We are all doing wonderful. Jake started another semester of school this week. He is taking one class where he will be working with successful business men, who will help and mentor Jake in starting his own business. No, Jake doesn't need the class to graduate, but this class will help Jake put his plans into action. I am really excited for him to start working on this. He has so many great ideas and is really blessed with a brilliant mind. Jake is also working at Rocky Mountain Composites, where he is a manufacturing engineer. Along with work and school he has been working on our house. We are almost done with one room. When we finish it will be so relieving. Hopefully the room will be done before the baby gets here.
There are 20 more days till the due date. Oh it is so soon. The fact I am having a baby still seems so far off and in some ways unreal. But what a wonderful day it will be when i do get to hold little baby green for the fist time. I am nervous, excited, hopeful, scared, and so joyful all at once all the time. Jake and I are still working on a name for our baby girl. I don't want to say it will be one name or an other in fear it will be crossed stitched into a quilt or wall hanging and then, knowing me, I will change my mind when I see baby. I would feel so bad if I made someone waste there time due to my indecisiveness. One name that has stuck is Tori Rae. It makes me smile when I say it.
As for me I do nothing. Well thats is what it feels like, I do do some cleaning and house work but to me thats pretty much nothing because I don't find joy in doing it. (Only being honest.) I stopped working the 22nd of December. Since then I have been trying to come up with things to do with out spending money. If any of you have ideas please feel free to share. A little after the baby is born I want to join a moms group I can go to during the day once a week or so and talk with other happy moms. Being social is a big deal to me and keeps me grounded.
I am hoping blogging will become a source of entrainment to me and help me in my doing nothing. If I stick with it and make blogging a habit I know it will be rewarding. Well I hope you find my blog entraining and fun. I will post some current pictures soon, because blogs with good pictures are ten times better than ones without.

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