Saturday, January 19, 2008

What I will miss about being pregnant...

These are in no specific order.

Feeling her move in my tummy.
Carrying her with no hands.
Getting away with anything because I am pregnant.
Watching my belly move.
Poking at my tummy.
Guiltlessly giving into cravings.
Sleeping in.
My full lips.
My full and large breasts.
Listening to her heart beat at the doctors office.
Not feeling like a total slob for going out in public in sweats.
On demand massages form Jake.
Needing to take it easy.
Knowing my body is doing the most amazing thing in the world.
Jake giving my tummy kisses.
Having the ultimate excuse.
It being ok to gain weight.
Having an armrest where ever go.
The attention.
Naps anytime.

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