Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Close One

I won't lie. Tori has falling off the bed. I was trying to keep it a secret, but what the heck, I am a normal Mom. Even though it isn't a huge deal to have Tori fall from my bed, the experience is heart wrenching, and I never want it to happen again. There are feelings of guilt, worries of brain damage, tears pouring from both Tori and I, and a nice sign of it on my babies forehead, so every thinks I neglect my her(embarrassing.)
Since her plummet from the bed I have been cutting down on bringing her into my bed at night. However last night I was way to tired to to feed her and bring her back to her crib so she stayed with Jake and I. She usually sleeps in the nook of my arm, to keep her form rolling off the side, but now that she a strong crawler my arm is cake for her to get over. I woke up and absolute panic filled me. There was Tori with her head hanging off the bed, going for the dive. I grabbed her, hugged Tori for 5 minutes, fed her, and put her back into her crib. All while thanking Heavenly Father I was prompted to open my eyes so early in the morning.
Even if Tori did fall from the bed again it wouldn't of be the end of the world but, I am so Thankful I was able to keep her from falling and being hurt. I am so greatful I have the holy ghost there to help me protect my precious child.


Elaine said...

Sorry Sylvia. You are right, it's awful when your child is hurt because of a choice on the part of the happens. It's okay. Even the most careful parents can't protect their kids from every bump or fall.

connie said...

motherhood is such a hard education. My dad always says once your experienced (in parenthood) you are unemployed :( Welcome to the club of us mamas that did the same thing. And don't go forgetting all that you do so wonderfully.

Lacey said...

hi sylvia, this is lacey anyway you asked where i got my pictures of my baby, it is peekaboophotos.
she does such a good job!