Thursday, August 28, 2008

Party Time

So you know my sisters and I had to through Odessa a little bacheloret party the night before the wedding. Odessa wasn't up to play funny little games like kissing a bald man on the head because she was tired from the night before. However we did get her to wear some big girl panties and a veil while riding on the hood of Candida's mini van through the drive threw of Macdonalds. LOL . After wards the six of us went to the the Oasis.

The Oasis is an of the coolest places in Austin TX. It is a old building that burned down then was reconstructed into two restaurants. In the front there is beautiful garden with amazing flowers and walkways. In the back there is a awesome view of lake Travis. On the third floor is one of the restaurants and it is also a venue with a dance floor. A live band comes and you can dance as much as you want. So fun. Oh and all ages are allowed, It is a family friendly place. One more thing, it is free. You can walk right in, find a table, watch the sunset over the lake, listen to live music, dance a little, and go home with out paying a dime.

Anyway I am a party animal by heart and had so much fun shacking my thang with my sisters. It was a great time but the whole time I couldn't stop thinking how much more fun I would be having if Ang were there. So Angela when you get back from Spain we are going dancing to make up for you absence. :)


the narrator said...

girls are weird.

Amber and Ryan said...

I love the action shots! You sisters look so much alike.

Elaine said...

these pictures are have an awesome family