Sunday, September 14, 2008

Annie Oaks

This weekend Jake, Tori, Jake's parents and I took a little trip down to Pitute county to have some fun. Well Jake and I went to have fun and Sherrie and Wayne came to baby sit. (I am not ready to leave Tori overnight.) A coworker of Jake's rented out a group of cabins and organized the weekend. The other vacationers were Jake's coworkers and family of his coworkers as well. The weekend consisted of four wheeling, tubing down the river, and relaxing. It was fun. I really liked the place we stayed. It was a lot nicer than I thought it was going to be. The ATV ride was beautiful, bumpy, and awesome. There were huge pines, streams, and of course mountains. I was a little sad I wasn't able to take more time to look at it all. That's one thing I like about hiking and biking better than riding around on four wheelers, when you hike or bike you get to see more pretty nature stuff verses whizzing by everything. Plus I felt a little lazy riding around. Tubing the river was fun too. Jake's dad actually came with us. Poor guy got stuck in a few tree's though. I so wish I had a camera. If I did the pictures would go down in Green family history. Wayne had one more misfortune while we were there. He opened a window that had window A.C. unit in it. Oh Wayne. Good thing he and Jake are handy and could fix the thing after the cords were ripped from it. Don't get me wrong I had an oops moment too. I forgot Theo. I was all wrapped up in getting pack and Tori ready I didn't realize Theo ran off. We locked the house, left, and then turned on to 300 South( a fairly busy street) and there was our dog, running at a casual pace down the middle of the road. Not across, down the middle. Crazy Theo. Anyway it was a great weekend and I hope to go back again. Thank you Sherrie and Wayne for all your help.

We are so cool with our bandanas.

I got a little dusty riding a round.

Jake and Wayne fixing the A.C.

Pretty, but not the prettiest site by far.

Tori, so cute.

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