Tuesday, September 23, 2008


These picture are a little scary but they are what we got from camping the first time with Tori.
By the way she's playing with a glow stick. Anyway camping went well. We had the ward camp out and decided it would be best to stay and camp with other ward members.
Tori did well in the tent. She only woke up when I came back into the tent from getting a drink in the middle of the night. If the weather stays nice I hope to go camping again to get a truer camping experience with a camp fire, hot dogs, and smores. If not this year then next. I can't wait.


the narrator said...

if she were any other baby, i would say it would have been so cool if she had eaten the glowstick and you were able to photograph it glowing from inside her. but i wouldn't want that happening to tori.

Sylvia said...

I don't think you should want any Baby to sallow glow sticks.

the narrator said...

ok. good point.

can i say that if it did not post a health-risk that i would want to see it?

of course if that were the case then maybe i would want tori to - it would give her an awesome story to tell when she was older (complete with photographic evidence).

or maybe we should just have a rule that i should not want any babies to be eating glow sticks, regardless of whether or not it is a health risk.