Friday, September 5, 2008

labor day

Because I am bored and because I count this blog as my journal I will blog about my labor day. Jake, Tori, and I went to Hooper, where Jake's parents live, on Sunday night. We spent the night and in the morning entered Tori into a baby contest. Lets just say the categories were weird and the judges were too. Even though Tori didn't win baby princess tomato, or whatever, she rocked, and we went home with a cute bow. Then Jake's mom made a yummy breakfast of Aebleskivers, danish pancake balls. After breakfast I watched The Bridge to Tarbitha and went to walmart. Then most of the family went to see what was going on at tomato days (Hooper's festival). While we were there I helped Hannah collect a couple sponges when they were dropped from a powered hang glidered. That was cool. The rest of the day we all hung out and had dinner. Thats what I did for labor day. :)