Monday, May 9, 2011


Now that most of my friends, family members, and whoever have facebook accounts, I haven't been good keeping my blog current, if you haven't noticed. It is just easier to put pictures up in one place, so maybe every one should get off their high horse and sign up for facebook. Just kidding! I need to post more so I can have a better account of my families' life, especially since I don't write in a traditional journal.

I have also been rather poor at taking pictures. This is really sad to me. Because children change so much, so fast, and if there aren't pictures all those little memories just become lost in my crazy brain.

So to combat my blogging and picture laziness I am going to start a picture(s) of the day. I actually wanted to do this at the begging of the year, but late is better than never.

Let the blogging begin!

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