Friday, May 13, 2011

Days 3,4, & 5

For those hoping I would keep up with my daily blogging and were disappointed the last couple of days, I apologize. I tried to blog, I did. By the time I had a chance to blog Wedensday and Thursday blogger was doing maintenance, or some kind of baloney that made it so I could not share with you the joys of my family. Now that everything seems to working I'll Make up for the lost days.
Day 3, Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Jake took these pictures, and I think they are so dang cute. Jake always captures really sweet and silly moments of the girls.

Day 4, Thursday, May 12, 2011
Macy is officially 18 months!!! I am so happy! When my children turn 18 months it is more exciting for than when they turn 1. At 18 months your baby seems to have graduated from a baby to a toddler. They start attending nursery, have so much personality, potty training is coming up, they start to talk more, and they just seem more fun, until they start freaking out. Anyway I love babies, but I love my toddlers even more!

For this very exciting milestone, we went to the park and had a picnic with some friends. I didn't make a big to do about it. But I did bring cookies to share at the picnic. We celebrated on Monday instead with a movie, and popcorn. Monday was a nasty day weather wise that desperately needed a pick me up hence the early celebration.

Macy on her 18 month Birthday!!!

Day 5, Today(the day I posted this)

Yeah!!! I am back to date. Honestly I know it isn't that big a deal if I miss a day, but that is what I was thinking when I didn't blog for the longest time.

Anyway, Today was a beautiful day. We went to the gym, we went for a walk (Tori rode her bike), we played with friends, the girls got into their swim suits, and played in the water. The sun was so warm and nice, and my body seemed so pasty white I thought I should join my girls. I went to change into my swim suit and my day crumbled.

I had locked my self, and the girls out of the house. UGH! Jake was an hour and half away, I didn't have my phone, or shoes on. I sat their a minute trying to decide just what to do. I slipped Jake's flip flops on, put the girls in the stroller, and walked to a friend's home around the corner. Her husband was home, but she wasn't. I always feel a little awkward when that happens. He let me use his phone (Jake didn't answer) Let me borrow some of his wife's sandals, and let me sort through a bag of handy down girls clothes from their neighbor, so the girls could change from their swim suits. Oh and by this point Macy had pooped in swimsuit, and Devin gave me a diaper and like a hundred wipes to clean her up.

I didn't get pictures of the girls in their crazy outfits. I was to grumpy to even think about taking pictures when I finally got home. However, something good did come of this mishap. I was able to help Deven. He had to run some errands and was going to bring his son along, but instead I stayed at his house and watched his boy while he did what ever he needed to do. Plus, Tori and Macy had fun playing. I guess he still helped me more, but I still at least I wasn't a total waste of time while I was locked out of my house for three hours.

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