Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 7

Jake and I's wedding anniversary is coming up, and we started to talk about our first year of marriage. Unfortunately we can't remember that much:(. We were asking more questions about that time than sharing memories. So sad. But that is the very I need to keep up with my daily journaling/ blogger. In ten years from now when I am talking about my fifth year of marriage, or when my girls were 3 and 18 months I want more than questions about the time to talk about.

Today lets talk about our friends the E's (for privacy reasons I will not be sing their names) They have one little boy, who is a couple months older than Macy. My girls like playing with him quite a bit. Funny thing is, Tori enjoys his company more than Macy. The E's and our family have become pretty close over the last few months, and it has been so nice to have good friends close by. I mean I have a lot of friends that are great, but it is only once in a blue moon than Jake actually becomes friends with one of my friend's husband. Anyway, it has just been so nice to have friends who are always so willing to help us out, and we can do the same for them.

The Es and our other good friends the O's came over for dinner today. I didn't make anything to fancy but is was so fun to be with great freinds. I didn't pull out the camera before the O's left but here are a few pictures from the girls playing this evening.

I know Macy's hair is crazy, and in her eyes. But look behind those crazy locks and look at that sweet face. I just think Macy is such a pretty little thing. Oh and check out her tans line on her feet!

Tori thought this motorcycle was pretty cool.

This is the E's son. Poeple have mistaken these two for twins. He is bigger, but these two have the same coloring, and curly hair that make them so cute together when they play nicely.


Olmos Family said...

Thanks for having us over! We are so glad to have you guys as friends! You rock! :)

Mari Kjar said...

awww sylvia!!! excited to find your blog. so crazy how you come across things when blog hoppin' :) your girls are cuties and little blondies- i love it!! well, i'm going to add y'all to our blog list so we can keep up with you. looks like things are going great for you and i'm so happy to see it! love, mari (whiting)

This Cookn' Mom said...

Somehow I came across your blog and I thought to myself, I know her! I went to Jesus Christ of Ruston when I was younger with your family.