Monday, May 9, 2011

Poser (Day one)

Macy loves to give a good grin and pose for the camera...

First I took this picture when she didn't know I had the camera out

After only one shot with out her knowing she gave me a beautiful smile, but that was not enough

she had to sit up, and

give me a full body shot, with a super cheesy smile.

On a side note Macy did not want to get out of her PJs today. I tried two different time to get them off of her. First before we went to the gym a little before 8. I was okay with her wearing her PJs to the gym, because its the gym, it was early, and it is pretty normal for kiddos to run around the gym day care in jammies.

Then I tried at 11:00 after I gotten ready for the day, but she still refuse to let me take them off of her. So I took her to the mall as she was. We just went to go see a movie, but I am sure someone thought I was crazy for not dressing my child. However Macy is a very smart girl. It was cold and wet out today and the most cozy, and comfortable thing to do on such a chilly day was to stay in her pajamas.

And a bit more info... I took Tori and Macy to see Rio. It was a cute movie, and I know because I did not have to get out of my seat once. Macy sat on my lap the entire time, and Tori scooted down a couple of seats towards the end of the show. i have to take them to another show again.


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Angela said...

so cute! i love her! i'm so excited for durden to be old enough to play with tori and macy!