Friday, September 9, 2011

Dragon Fight

Labor day was a blast! It was full of fun, eating junk food, staying up way to late, laughing with friends, and dragon stomping fun.

We went up to Vancouver , WA to support one of our favorite little boys, Carter, in his fight against Leukemia. Carter is the son of our great friends Dennison and Robin. Carter was diagnosed with Leukemia at the end of last year, and for the past eight months has fought a hard fight. He is doing great, and to celebrate him going into maintenance (a significantly easier part of treatment) Robin put on a huge party. There were close to a hundred people there. I don't have pictures of the party, but Carter smashed clay dragons, and slayed a dragon pinata to symbolize his smashing and slaying his personal dragon, cancer.

Other than the party we had tons of fun. I felt like a youngin staying up till the wee hours of the morning, taking, eating all the junk food in the house, playing video games, watching to TV shows, and laughing at all the good times we had. Tori and Macy had a great time to playing with Carter and Jude.

Last but not least, Jake celebrated his 30th while we were in WA. I am trying to convince him the that new cool is 30, and that 30 makes him seem more distinguished, mature, and so attractive. I don't think he believes me though. Anyway I didn't know what to get being that he bought his own gift. I figured humor would be a good gift, so I gave him ensure, hard candies, wrinkle cream, and hair dye. HAHAHA. He said it was mean. Sorry babe! I love you so much!

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Robin said...

We miss you guys so much!!! Thanks for coming to visit us and be a part of the celebration. So Harris/Green vacation next summer???