Friday, September 9, 2011

Spontanous Tea

This morning we had a bit of an unplanned party at our house. First the next door neighbor girl came to play. Tori was being a bit of a pill till I told her we could have a tea party. Her mood immediately changed, and she began to find dresses to where to her Tea Party. I figured that inviting one more little freind over would only make tea party more fun so I called and invited Tori's that lives around the corner. She came over very excited, and started looking through Tori's dress ups. While the girls were getting dressed I mixed the pink lemon aid and prepared the treats. I set up the kids table laid out a table cloth, passed out the tea set, filled their tea cups, and gave out snacks and the fun began. The three of them were so silly together as they sipped their pink lemon aid, and nibbled on their pretzels. Tori had a great time and didn't want her friends to leave.

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