Sunday, September 25, 2011

Six or So

Maybe a month or so ago Macy has really become a lover of layering dress ups. Quite freently she come out of her room dressed in a couple of layer a frill and lace, but this past week she decided to put on the entire drawer of dress ups. HAHA! She was one big puff ball on girlishness.

The same day I babysat my niece Marla. She was such a good baby, and she got me a little baby hungry. However I have no plans to get pregnant for a little while longer. Anywho, Macy and Tori loved having their baby cousin here to coo at. Tori liked helping feed her a bottle, and holding her. Macy enjoyed giving her hugs and kisses.

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the narrator said...

Usually when I see Macy, she seems to want less and less layers--meaning zero.