Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So Sparkly...Glitter Toes.

A month or so ago my dog Theo decided to run away, ugh. Like a good neighbor a teenage girl called to let me know she found Theo. When I got there to pick him up I began to talk to this girl and noticed she had some nice sparkly toes. First I thought it was just glitter toenail polish, but no it was better than that. Her toes looked like Dorthy's ruby slippers. I asked about her toes and she let me in on the coolest thing ever in the toenail world, glitter toes. I decided then and there I was going to get my toenails done glitter toe style.
Finally this weekend I was able to get glitter toes while I was in St. George. Karen, my sister in law also got then done. It was fun. So sparkly

Pictures of glitter toes do not do them justice. Y'all should come over and check them out, or go get glitter toes for your self. They will change your life.

I was a little weirded out that the nail techs had to put on fake nails on my toes. I felt like a werewolf or one of those crazies that grow out their nails to hold a record.


Elaine said...

those fake toenails are scary!! thankfully the end result is worth it! Why did they have to put fake nails on your toes??

Sylvia said...

Elaine, I i have short tiny toenails so they put on fake on so you could see the glitter.