Monday, November 10, 2008

5 seconds

First I want to apologize for not having a picture for this post. I really wish I did, maybe next time.

On Saturday night Jake was on the computer, and I was holding Tori's hands helping her walk around the living room. I was started to feel like a hunch back bending over for so long and decided to let go of Tori's hands expecting her to fall on her bum. However I let go and she stayed standing. She stood for about 5 seconds then with her arms stretched out she eased her self very slowly to the floor. Now 5 seconds doesn't seem to be significant when reading this but the it is huge for a baby. During those 5 seconds I didn't know what to do. It seemed I was paralyzed with excitement and surprise. The only thing it seemed I could do was stammer to Jake to have him turn and look. Thankfully I was able to get my message across in time for him to see Tori standing. Tori seemed to just as surprised with what her body did. After she was back on bum she gave me a look that had, what in the heck did I just do, written all over it. She was not upset though, but I do think it freaked her out quite a bit. I have tried and tried to get her to stand again but her little legs just go limp when I let the weight of her body go on them. I'll keep practicing with her and try to get a good picture to post.

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