Monday, November 3, 2008

Sweet Dang Dog

I have introduced y'all to Theo, the family pet, before. He has been such a good little pal ever since I got him about 3 years ago, but every now and then that dog drives me crazy. Like when he goes sniffing threw my diaper bag and finds Tori's Cheerios, rips open the zip lock bag, and then eats all of the cheerios. I guess it isn't to big of a deal but that dang dog knows he is being bad. Grrr. In the picture below I caught Theo trying to sneak the Cheerios, he only ripped the bag open before caught him.

Oh a better note Theo is getting long with Tori, he always has, but Theo has always been a little freaked out by Tori. It is looking like he is making progress seeing that Jake found the two laying together on the love sac. How sweet.

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