Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Call me a Trekkie but I just got really excited when I watched the upcoming Star Trek movie trailer. The movie comes out May 8th and I'm pretty sure I'm going to go see it on the big screen. Maybe not opening night but I definitely will pay 8.50 to see it.

I might not seem the type to pay the big bucks for a remake Sci Fi classic but I was raised on watching Star Trek and Star Wars. As a child it was such a treat to watch Star Trek and Star Wars with my father and asking him questions like, why spock had pointy ears, and why the klingons had such weird foreheands. If I remember correctly we even had a few episodes of the Star Trek the TV show record on to a VHS along with some of the movies. Oh memories.

As I grew older I never got in to knowing all the facts of Star Trek characters or even what type of being they were, or anything that would give my coolness factor a bad rep. But I still would not mind watching a episode or two with my Bother, only if nothing else was on of coarse. Plus I never chose a side in Star Trek vs Star Wars battle of the best. So I guess you can't call me a Trekkie, but it does not mean I am not already a fan for the Star Treck Movie.

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