Sunday, November 2, 2008

David Hasselhoff and Other Tricks

No Halloween is complete with out a trick involved. Fortunately Jake and I were able to get our friends Hayley and Peter good. So this is the story... Around 2:30 I went to go see if Hayley and Peter 3 and Peter 4 wanted to go trick or treating with us down Center Street. Well they were not home but this pumpkin was.
With "Put your picture here" written on it. Hayley and Peter were asking for a prank of some sort. So I picked up that pumpkin and took it home. I showed Jake and asked whose face we should put on. Haley and Peter are from Alaska so I mentioned Sarah Palin, but that idea wasn't to great. Then I suggested George W. Bush, and then it came to me. The perfect picture to put on would be one of David Hasselhoff. The Hoff would be proud to have his picture on a pumpkin.
Right away I knew this was the right picture for the job. I printed it out taped it to the pumpkin and put it right back where I found it. Latter that day they let us know they knew Jake and I were that ones behind the Hoff pumpkin. They loved it. Ha ha ha, it was great. You all better look out for me next year.

Unfortunately Jake and I were the victims of some hoodlum's mean prank. Some punks came and smashed my pumpkin. I wish I could kick those sons of guns right in the knee. I didn't care so much about the pumpkin but inside the pumpkin there was a cute bat candle. Now it is ruined and broken. Kids there days. Oh well, at least they didn't steal my big spider.

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