Sunday, November 23, 2008

Forth Please

I was tagged to post my forth photo from my forth folder (I am guessing the forth folder in "my pictures folder") and then of course explain it. Here it is my forth...
Um I am little bummed my forth picture was not a cute picture of Tori when she was spanking brand new into the world or even of me pregnant. I was tempted to just use of my favorite pictures of Tori on here instead but I'll be a good sport.

My forth picture is of myself and Ryan, the guy who I was strapped to when I went skydiving. I actually like the picture of myself. I think I look radiant, young, a little tan, and excited with a tid bit of scared mix in.

Looking at the picture make me want to skydive again. I really enjoyed myself.

So now it is time for me to tag four of you to post your forth photo in your forth folder. Lets see who will it be... Okay got it. I tag Wendee, Loyd( Loyd, just do the dang tag), Elaine, and Camilla. Have fun!

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the narrator said...

my first tagging. yay.