Friday, December 16, 2011

Not a PJ Party

Christmas parties are great. Not only are they fun, but it also makes our Christmas activity for the day a no brainier. I also like them because I feel a bit cooler and liked when I am invited to one. Tonight our family was invited to a party. So I felt cool, no pressure to plan something for an activity, and was ready to have fun. However I read the invite wrong.  Ugh. The invite mentioned wearing your pajamas so we did. Of course it was a joke; I see that now after my whole family showed up to a party dressed in night wear. Oh my goodness I felt so ridiculous, but with the red neck tendencies I was able to pull it off. LOL! 

My girls had a lot of fun with all the other children, and enjoyed eating treats. Jake and I had a great time chit chatting, and laughing with friends. Thanks for making me feel cool, Batemans, even in my PJs

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