Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Fun: Letters to Santa

In an attempt to make me a less boring person Sylvia has planned out a billion things for us to do this holiday season. I am not sure if this sort of systematic desensitization therapy will work on me, however I did make an attempt to appease my wife by taking the lead on today's festive activity.

The activity... letters to Santa.

I acted as the scribe for Tori as she dictated her letter to me and signed it herself.

Sylvia wrote Macy's letter. Otherwise it would have only read "milk, bottle, BOTTLE! thank you".(Macy can be demanding but surprising very polite at the same time.)

I discovered a few more things that Sylvia wanted.
Last but not least...

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Sylvia said...

Jake, I love you! You did such a great job on your first post on our family blog:) I really like what you said about Macy. HAha I hope you post more often.