Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wing It

My plans for December 4th's Christmas activity fell through, so I had to wing our activity today. Originally I planned to decorate gingerbread men that I ordered from bountiful baskets. Only I didn't order gingerbread men, I  ordered a gingerbread house instead, ugh. Decorating gingerbread houses in already scheduled for later so I didn't want to substitute the house for the men. What did we do today you ask. Well we had friends over for dinner, we started to watch the Christmas devotional, but the four children made that to tricky, so we talked instead. Then I cut out paper men for the kids to decorate. After our friends left my family read scriptures and talked about the true meaning of Christmas. We tried to teach Tori and even Macy that by doing good deeds, not only at Christmas but all year round, is a great way to celebrate the birth and life of Jesus Christ. I hope somehing got into there brain that I wanted them to learn. All the lights, decorations, trees, and Santa business is really getting the way of what is really important, what am I to do?

 These are our cool friends that we invited over. And that I am wearing is my PARTY sweater! It is much even more beautiful and worthy of your appreciation when you get to see it with you eyes. Maybe if you are lucky you may see me in it. Since Stephanie and I took photo together, I  decided it would only right for Jake and Devin to take a pic together. But they didn't to get close. What weirdos.

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