Monday, December 5, 2011

Confessions of a Stuck Princess

This adorable post of Macy comes with a confession of sorts. Please don't judge. I purchased a child's leash some time ago. You know the ones disguised as a stuffed animal backpacks that crazy children wear. Thankfully I haven't had to use it because Macy has relaxed her anti hand holding policy she has with Jake and I. Ugh, that was a stressful time. Walking through parking lots was nuts with that Macy, shes didn't want to be held or have her hand held, but she just wanted to run into the store by herself. Of course I didn't let her do as she pleased. I would either hold her or drag (as nice a I could) as she would kick, scream, and wiggle angrily. I am so happy that was a relatively short phase. However at the time it seemed never ending. Now Macy is much better with only an occasional  out burst.

Anyway to the adorable stuff.

I  was doing a few little chores in the basement when Tori started to yelled for help. I went to go see what the mater was, and I found Macy with the leash on, witch got caught on a lamp in my room. Macy couldn't really move, but didn't seem to mind. She was just relaxing on my bed. I thought it was humorous enough it warranted a pictures and blog post:) so got my camera and Macy started to pose for me. She did a great job acting a little damsel in distress.

Here is the story of the princess and the stuck leash. By the way, I am thinking this up in a English accent.

Oh, I am so sad. As I was climbing upon my mother's bed the dark lamp of the Dark Lamp Lord snared my leash, and I am stuck.What ever shall I do.

 I know what I must do.  I must call for help. Yes I will call for help.

Help me from the trap I am caught upon the dark lamp of the Dark Lamp Lord!


Oh look someone has come to save me. I am the happiest princess in all the the land!

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