Thursday, December 1, 2011


It  is December, and officially the Christmas season! Let the celebrating begin!

As of last year one of our family's Christmas traditions is to have several advent calenders. We have calenders with candy, ornaments, scriptures, and activities. My favorite of the them all is one that holds an activity for our family to do daily. I came up with a range of activities that are crafty, fun, religious, service oriented, and/or educational. The activities range from outings that will take the entire evening to simple 15 minute project that are perfect for the days for busy days.

Our family's plan for December 1st was for every one to pick out an ornament for the Christmas tree. Jake picked out a car, I got a snow flake, Tori decided to get a pink bell, and Macy was okay with a blue reindeer I picked for her. I wanted Macy to pick her own, but while we were shopping Macy was only grabbing the packs of glass ornaments. I don't care what the ornaments look like that everyone picks out they, but just can't be breakable. Out cheap, little artificial tree gets knocked over at least once every year. Plus, my children see ornament as toys you can hang, not as eye candy.

I can't wait till our Christmas tree is filled with the ornaments that hold  memories of the past Christmases. I know a collection of random ornaments doesn't make for a very fashionable tree, but I really am not interested in having a posh tree. Don't get me wrong, themed trees are beautiful, and I admire them, but I love to have my family involved in the decorating of the tree. Maybe one day when we have more space I will have a family tree, and another for the pure pleasure of having a fancy tree.

Our Christmas activity advent Calender
Here is a pic of us and this years ornaments.

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