Saturday, December 3, 2011

Provo 6th can Party

  My ward Christmas party was today so I used that for the Christmas party as our December 3rds family activity. The party was enjoyable. There was the Bishop's delish roast beef, musicals, good friends, and Santa.
One of the musicals was by the primary children. Tori isn't in the primary yet, but I had her go up with them to sing. It was so cute to see her up on stage. She didn't know the song, but she tried her hardest to guess the next word in the lyrics. Eventually she started to dance around a little bit.
Another good part of the party was the appearance of Santa. The girls were happy to see him (that was the part) Years previous one of them has always been freaked out by the  fat old man in red.
You want to know what else. I won 2nd place in the center piece battle.  Hahaha, I really can't believe I won anything with my 2 minute center piece, but I did get the idea from better homes and gardens web site. I guess those better homes people do know what they are talking about.

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