Tuesday, October 28, 2008

9 months

When Tori was just about 7 months old my friend Amanda told me that the first 6 months go fast and the next fly by even faster. Well it I think it is true because the past 3 months have seemed to to go by with out me knowing it. My baby is 9 months old.
She goes in tomorrow to get her shots and measurement, I'm excited to see where she is at. my guess is that she is just below the average size of other 9 monthers.
Anyway, these are some of the new things she is doing now...

Zooms around in her walker
Makes a fish face
She has 3 teeth, almost 4
Puts her lower lip over her upper lip when she doesn't want something
Eats almost everything
Jake says her baby mumblings are more coherent
Climbs on and off to the love sac by herself
Makes a clicky noise
Whenever she is at the computer desk with Jake or I she pulls open the draw and pulls everything out.
She is really starting to entertain herself
Drinks from water bottles and a straws


Amber and Ryan said...

Is that one of the many pairs of sunglasses she got from the party tonight?

Sylvia said...

Yep. They look cute on her.