Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Penny Pincher

Jake and I have it good, we have a great home, two vehicles, a dog, a computer, and many other possessions we don't need to survive. We are not in any harm in loosing our home or the extras that we enjoy everyday but we have been talking about cutting back on some things and start pinching our pennies. We have started to cut back a little already. For an example canceled our cable, I have discontinued my over priced milk delivery service, and I even returned the fancy makeup I bought yesterday. Some other things we are doing is driving less, packing Jakes lunch, less eating out for the both of us, and making a weekly menu. If any of you have any ways y'all saved even ten dollars a month please share. I am really interested in what you might do.


the narrator said...

does jake still bike to work? the gas adds up.

Jelena said...

Sylvia...Richard and I have friends that make all of there bread...and they said it costs them about .12 cents a loaf to make...which is way cheaper than buying bread at the store.