Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tori and the Mascara

Tori has a few attachments that she uses to calm her self down or to keep her self calm. Her favorite is her thumb. She loves it so much, and it is her go to guy when any stressful situation occurs. Next is any soft and cuddly cloth. Tori has one blanket she sleeps with and pulls to her face as she falls asleep, but if she is any where else where her bedtime blanket is not a cloth diaper, shirt, or any thing she can snuggle to her face will do. A new thing she is liking is my mascara, markers will do the trick too. She likes holding my mascara, and in some cases markers in her daily activities. Like sucking thumb, bathing, crawling, nursing, eating Cheerios, and cuddling with Jake and I. In fact as I type she is in my lap watching me with the mascara. I need to break her of this. Mascara and markers and babies usually end up messy. But it is cute right now.

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Angela said...

oh my goodness! you have the cutest baby! i am so excited to see her (and you too) in a few months!