Thursday, October 30, 2008

Holiday Forcast

This past week has been a rough one when it comes to my eating habits. All I want to eat is junk food. Ugh. I love love love going to parties but the caramel, doughnuts, cheese balls, and candies are making me feel so blah. Even worse now I craving the junk. I had McDonalds and Taco Bell yesterday, the two unhealthiest places ever. This is no good. The true holiday weight gain season hasn't even hit yet, and I am all ready avoiding the scale. If I don't change something fast by Christmas I will be able to play Santa. Okay I am changing things now. No more unhealthy food. I mean no more healthy food after Halloween. I mean no more unhealthy food except sometimes. Well I am just going to eat healthier.


Leslie said...

You can always come to aerobics Tuesdays and Fridays 9:30 am @ the church!!! ;)

Sylvia said...

LOL... I'll be there tomorrow.