Thursday, October 2, 2008

Step by Step

Towards the end of August ( Tori was about 7 months) at the bow making class I went to Tori decided to start climbing the stairs with out my permission . Of coarse I freaked a little because I had no clue Tori knew how to climb stairs. Plus I couldn't help but freak a little because her feet were all ready on the second step! I thought my baby was going to tumble down the stairs any second. She never tumbled and I was able rescue her.
Anyway a week or so latter I decided to let Tori climb the stairs at Grandma Sherrie's, with close supervision of course.

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Angela said...

if she wasn´t in danger then you didn´t rescue her. ha ha. i can not believe she is going up stairs. SYLVIA! Tori is almost a toddler! i am so sad! and happy ofcourse. what a cute little button!