Thursday, October 9, 2008

Quirky Is My Middle Name

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Something I have had to come to grips with in my life is that I am quite the quirky person. Now that I have excepted the fact that I quirky I have come to love all my weirdo little traits, well most of them.

Six of my Quirks

#1. I look at my self in the mirror all the time. Okay now you think I am vain, but that is not the case. I am just entrained by looking at myself making faces, dancing, or just standing there.

#2. When I am mad at Jake but not mad at him, or another way to put it is if I am just a little annoyed but still mostly happy with Jake I hiss at him. HISSSSS

#3. Sorry Lucia I didn't realize I did not fill in quirk for myself. However I am horrible at taking my vitamins. Not because I'm intimated but I really dislike swallowing pills. Even the tiny birth control ones. I think all pills should come in chewable form. Oh and I can't swallow more than one pill at one time. Jake will take four at once and it freaks me out.

#4. When I stay in a hotel I like to and must sleep in the bed furthest away from the door. I don't know why.

#5. I touch people when I talk to them. I know I get this from my mother. When I am talking to someone, even strangers, I touch their arm. I didn't realize till fairly recently. Sometimes I don't even realize when I do it till my had it on them. At the point I notice I touching someone I am not that close to I get all apologetic.

#6. I can live without my cell phone. There are times I leave my phone when I go out of town or out and about it does not bother me.

I tag the six of you that want to blog but don't have anything to blog about.

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Lucia- insert creative nickname said...

Hey! do we really have the same vitamin quirk- or was it a mistake? Oh, i've been meaning to tell you (since your last post) about this book I've been reading called The Tightwad Gazette, they had quite a few copies at the library,and the lady that wrote it is a little old school but the expert penny pincher!