Friday, October 31, 2008

Carnival and Carving

Thursday the 30th I had two Halloween parties and they were both great. First I wen to carnival at a nursing home. I thought it was just my friend, Angela's work party and thought she just wanted a friend with her. However, it was much more fun and bigger than I expected. There was face painting, cake walks, other games, pumpkin decorating, and hay rides. Lucia, Brooklyn, Diego, Tori, and I went together, and met Sarina and Angela their families there. Tori and I had matching pumpkins painted on our faces, and we painted a pumpkin like a mummy, then we went on a hay ride. I had a great time. Thanks a tin Angela!

Right after I got home I headed right to Tami's to home jack-o-lanterns. I was a little late but whatever. I whipped up a awesome pumpkin in record time and did quite well. I usually try to avoid carving pumpkins because I am no good with a knife. This time it was different. Like I said I did quite well carving. I did just the basic style but what helped the most was that I used the flatter side of the pumpkin to carve, and a really sharp knife. Another thing I did different was cleaning the pumpkin out last instead of first. Anyway thanks Tami for inviting Jake and i over for the good fun!

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