Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Holy Cow, I Went Skydiving

On my trip to St. George my sister in-law and I were talking about some of her things on her to do list. She mentioned scuba diving then I shot back "How about skydiving?" To my surprise she wasn't turned off by the idea, and actually said she would. The next week I looked up a skydiving place emailed Karen the link thinking she would say maybe next year or put off the idea totally, but again to my surprise she said ok. Karen came up with a date she could go, I made reservations, and that was that we were going skydiving.

Sky diving was so much fun. I want to do it again, and maybe again and again then some more. I felt so free, and untouchable while free falling. I thought I would be all pumped and crazy excited when I landed, but I felt so calm. Jumping just might be my new favorite thing to do. I would love to make it a hobby. How cool would it be to fill out those get to know you forms or applications and where it says hobbies you could put skydiving.

Here are a few questions and answers people have been asking me about my experience...
Q.Was it cold?
A. No, I was lucky we picked the warmest day of the week to go. Plus, the temp was the last thing on my mind.

Q.Why did you do it?
A. It sounded like fun, and it is something I have always wanted to do.

Q. Did you scream?
A. No, I moaned. I also let the H word slip right before going out the plane.

Q.Were you scared?
A. More nervous than scared.

Q.Will you do it again?
A. Yes, I will.


the narrator said...

i used to think that jake was the cooler of the two of you, but now i stand corrected.

ok. i used to think you were both equally cool.

so are you going to get jake to jump to even things out again?

Melissa said...

Yeah for you! It looks like a blast. Motherhood has definitely turned me into a chicken.

Melissa said...

Not, offended at all. I commence you on being able to do that (it takes lots of guts. Thanks!