Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Halloween

Tori 3 pair of shades, one pair is on her, the another by the bag and look close for the last pair under my foot.

Amber, Summer, Tori and I

Summer and Tori
Tori was not scared. She actually liked feeling his fur but didn't want to be away from me.

Tonight Tori and I went to UVU's Halloween bash. We met the Logases there and it was fun hanging out. If Tori was a little older maybe we would of enjoyed it even more. We did go trick or treating and Tori now has 3 pair star shaped sun glasses. I felt a little silly pushing around a tiny baby around in a stroller, who is not aware of what we are doing, saying trick or treat for her, knowing good and well I will be eating all the treats put into that bag. Oh well. Tori also took a picture with the UVU wolverine, got a free pumpkin, coupons for a free fosties, and got to dress up in her baby bird costume again. Tonight made the four time to go out in it. I love Halloween.

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