Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bed Time

Yes, most good parents have their kids on a schedule, and have them in bed everyday at same time, typically before 8:00. However I am not one those good parents. Don't get me wrong I think I am a great mother :), but I have always thought that I could have improved upon the whole schedule thing.
My children go to bed typically around 9:00 sometimes even latter, yikes. For a while Jake and I were really good at getting them in bed by 8:30, but during the summer, with the long days, remodeling of the girls room, and frequent traveling that 8:30 bedtime flew out the window. Now that things are back to normal I am hoping to get Tori and Macy to bed much earlier, and tonight it happened!!!
Oh I am so happy that the girls went to sleep early. Tori was really pushing my buttons this evening from 4:00-6:00 and it was really exhausting to stay patient with her, so when she went to sleep at 7:00 it was a huge relief. Hahaha, I do love her, and I'll be happy to see her in the morning, but I really needed the early bed time.
 Today I am dedicating my gratitude to early bed times for my children, especially on days, like today, when my patients is running low. I am thankful for the extra time I get with Jake, and even the extra time for myself. Man, an early bed times are the best!

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Amber and Ryan said...

My kids turn into demons when they don't go to bed on time, the same time every night. So I guess you should be grateful your kids can handle inconsistencies because sometimes they happen.