Sunday, November 20, 2011

My House

This morning I had the great pleasure of having one of my achievement day girls (achievement day girls is a church group for 8-11 years old girls in the LDS church) came over for a ride to church. This was her first time to come inside my home, and as she was following me around while I was getting a few things done before we left. As she was following me she said, "Wow your house is really big." Her sweet little complement was extremely humbling and carried with it a realization of how much I have, and how much more I needed to be thankful for what I have.

For at least the past three years I have complained about my home, and have been wanting to move into a larger, newer, and nicer home. Okay honestly one day our family will move from our 1920's bungalow styled home, and I'm hoping that will be the next two years. But I can change my attitude towards my home now. I know I have been needing an attitude adjustment, but it took the words of a child to open my eyes to see how 'big' my blessings are, even when they are not as large, new, or nice as some desire I have.

I can recognize, and thank my Father in Heaven  that home has electricity, running water, is warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and keeps me dry. My home has a basement that has helped us pay for the mortgage when we rented it, and now it gives up the extra space that we wanted. My home is cute, quaint, and in good condition. I live in a neighborhood where I am not scared to go outside at night, and I have great neighbors. My home is conveniently located to shopping, parks, the freeway, and schools.

My home is wonderful place, and it is a big blessing in my life. I am thankful so my 1600 square foot, 1920s, bungo styled mansion.

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