Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

I love Halloween simply because there is very little expectation on how much you do or don't do. If you do or don't decorate, whatever. If you Dress up or not fine. If you do a million fun Halloween things or not, great. If you take your kids trick-or-treating to 3 houses or everywhere you an think cool. Plus I love any reason to celebrate. So when Halloween rolls around I take full advantage to celebrate, and have fun.
This year was a good one. We did a lot of festive things. So get ready to view pictures of our many different Halloween celebrations. I am serious there are way to many pictures. It is almost like looking at facebook.

The first Holloweeny thing we did this fall was to go to Pumpkin Land. I feel like it a good deal for our family. There is a corn maze(I don't like corn mazes) a farm yard zoo, air toys, playground, Halloween alley, and of course a pumpkin patch. It isn't to pricey at $4 a head, $3 if you dress up

Next I took the girls to Thanksgiving points Barn Yard Boo. They always have fun at Thanksgiving point, and when there are games and other fun things to do it is that much better. Tori even won 2 tickets to he dinosaur museum by guessing where the cow would poop. Plus there was the most adorable little calf there.

No Halloween is complete without carving pumpkins. Even though I am not crazy about sticking my hands in a slimy stinky pumpkin I do it for some Halloween fulfillment. Anyway we went to our friends Jeff and Shasta's with Angela and Loyd, and has a lot of fun eating dinner, talking, and carving pumpkins. This is the first year I did something other than triangles for eyes and a crazy shape for a mouth. I carved two witches stirring the pot. The witches are suppose to me Tori and Macy. Jake made a droid robot, and Tori used stickers to make a face.

Angela, Stephanie, her kids, and Tori, Macy and I went to UVU Halloween carnival. They has a lot of stuff to do like frost cookies, paint pumpkins, eat donuts, a spook ally, and games. To bad the calendar and posters all had the wrong ending time on them. We only had 15 minutes to play before it ended. However even with the little time they had the girls had a good time.

Another family thing we did that was a really cool, was the Stringtown Nightmare Express. It was a mini train that you sat and rode through little haunted tunnels. Surprisingly it is put on by just some people who happen have a mini train track going through their neighborhood in Lindon. It is free, they run it for week , and expect over 11,000 people to attend. We went when it wasn't busy and waited maybe 15 minutes in line, but it looks like the line could be easily 2 hours long. On a side note we all dressed up for this. I was super mom, Jake super dad, Tori wonder girl, and Macy bat girl.

BYU also had a carnival. We went to this last year and Tori totally remembers petting the snake. This year she was excited to see the snake again. She also touched a live tarantula Macy touched the blow up witch cat.

We also went to the ward party, had chili, and trunk a treated.

Jake mother has a little shindig as well. She cooked chili annd bread sticks. then we played a few game. The funnest to watch was bobbing for donuts. one of the adults would dare do it but the kids sure had fun.

On Halloween day we went Trick-or-treating of course. First I took the girls downtown Provo to trick-or treat. We walk so much and by the end the girls were so tired. Tori couldn't hold her candy anymore, and Macy fell asleep. But they got so much candy I used it for trick-or-treaters that came by our house. We also had our friends over for burgers that night, and then Jake took the girls out to trick-or treat around the neighborhood. And that my dear was our year of Halloween.

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