Sunday, November 13, 2011

Party Time

 With Macy's birthday came some partying, and we had a lot of fun. First we had a family party with my in laws last Sunday. It was compete with one of Macy's favorite foods, fettuccine Alfredo, gifts, cake, and candles.  Then on Macy's birthday I took her for out for our family's traditional birthday breakfast to Village Inn. My sisters Camilla and Angela, my brother in law Loyd, and Tori joined. Macy enjoyed a early morning banana cream pie, and scrambled eggs. For the rest of the day we kept a low profile, till Papa Wayne and grandma Sherrie came over. Then Jake And I went to the freezing cold BYU game, and Macy got to play with her grandparents. Finally today we had a few friends over this evening to celebrate. Macy loved playing with all the kiddos that came over, and enjoyed her homemade ice cream cake.

The goods Macy scored at the family party
 Macy loved eating breakfast with me and her aunties
 Whip cream is yummy!
 Saying bye to Auntie Camilla :(
 Macy and Tori cuddling and watching a movie.
 All my sweethearts taking Sunday nap.
 Macy's Huge ice cream cake.

So the thing I am thankful for today is for birthday parties. I love to celebrate, and to have a good to time. I figure that our life, and the life of the ones we love is one of the the most worthy causes to celebrate, and the best excuse to throw a party. I most likely get this from my mother, but all long as I am on this earth, even when I am old and grey, I will celebrate my life on the day I came to the earth. I am thankful for the day we get to eat cake, sing happy birthday, and enjoy company to recognize that how ever so many years ago our life began. 

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