Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Little Happenings

Here are a few pictures of cute little happenings in our family from this month.

Tori's BFF lives next door, and tori likes to give her things. This gift is a single ritz cracker in  ziplock bag. Elnore wasn't home so Tori decided to leave in the mail box to surprise her friend
Awe, Macy fell asleep with her papa Wayne.
Tori and Macy were enjoying treat on Thanksgiving with their cousin and grandparents.
 I wish my camera had the the ability to capture this stunning sunset. The sky painted with pinks, blues, greys, oranges, and purples.
We set up our Christmas tree! The girls had fun helping decorate it, and fluffing up the branches. Every Christmas seems t be getting better as the girls get older, and can be more involved.

So none of these things are grand or glorious, but I love them. Everyday is filled these little happening ,and am thankful for the happiness they give me.

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Angela said...

i love that letter! what a sweet gift - a ritz cracker :) hahaha love it!