Thursday, November 3, 2011

To Sleep

Oh man, I need to start writing these posts earlier. I am so tired right now, but it gives me a good idea for today's graditude post.
 One of my greatest gifts, talents, blessings, or whatever I have been given is the ability to fall asleep fast. I love it. From time to time if I am in a Facebook debate, or I have A LOT going on it take me 15 minutes to be out for the night. It just might be my greatest talent.
I know it seems like it doesn't help most of you, but if I have any direct contact with you, I promise it does. I am an absolute winch when I am sleep deprived.  Just ask my sister in law Wendee. The last time I attended a birth all night long I was not able to get a good rest before a family party. After the party my girls were sticky from treats so I put them in the bath at my mother in laws. Well my phone slipped right out of my pocket, and into the bath. I was such a crank from being awake for over 36 hours that I picked up the phone, and chucked right over Wendee's shoulder. I almost hit her in the face! Then I said, "Ugh I'm just so pissed off." Then I stormed out of the bathroom. Sorry Wendee.
So yes my talent of falling asleep keeps you from having objects thrown at you, and possible black eyes and bloody noses. Plus from hearing profanities come from my mouth

So I am very thankful for my greatest gift, talent, blessing, or whatever to be able to fall asleep quickly and easily.

Now I off to sleep.


Wendee said...

Seriously people, stay out of Sylvia's way when she's tired! Just kidding. You weren't even close to hitting me and I'm impressed that all you said was "pissed." I probably would have said something much worse. I'm jealous of your ability to fall asleep fast. It is something I have never been able to do. It truly is a talent.

Adrienne said...

i love your gratitude things. What a great idea!

I can fall asleep really fast too. love that. I've seen you tired before. There is more than one purpose for bedtimes. :)