Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Season of Gratitude

As you have noticed my blog really isn't soul searching, deep, or exactly personal. It is more of 'this is what we did fun today', and I have been thinking I should add in a little more depth in my blogging. However I am not the most poetic, passionate, or eloquent writer, and this typically freaks me out to try to do posts that are more than a quick account of a family activity. But I think have found a solution.
My dear friend Georgia gave me a a grand idea to share my feelings of gratitude daily during the month of November. Isn't a beautiful idea. It will give me a way to express myself in a personal way. So here I go trying to be a little more soul searching, deep, and personal for the three of you that read my blog.

Day One
So after making the decision to share my gratitude of the blessings in my life last night, I have been sifting through what I should first write about, and several worthy ideas popped into my head but the one that stuck was inspired by Beautiful Heartbreak by Hillary Weeks music video posted on facebook my sister. Here it is

Today I want to express my gratitude for my heartbreaks. My heartbreaks, my hard times, my trials, my times I would never wish one anyone, I give my gratitude. They have made me strong, better, and into the woman I am.

Every fear, every doubt,
All the pain I went through;
Was the price that I paid to see this view;
And now that I'm here I would never trade...

The grace that I feel,
And the faith that I find...

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