Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Last Diaper

If you are my Facebook friend, or if we talk on a regular basis you might recall this summer Macy started to show interest in using the toilet. She was doing quite well, well enough that she could of been potty trained. However I had plans to travel to MI, TX, WA, and other places, so I didn't think it was wise to try to start potty training Macy at that time. I decided that I would start the potty training in the fall after everything settled down.
September rolled around, and getting that girl to do anything but play in the toilet (GAG) was a no go:(. I tried again in October with no better luck. But this very morning everything changed. Macy woke up and told me she needed to poop. So I sat her on the pot, and she pooped!!! I sang and danced to our potty song loud and proud several times. Macy loved the excitement made over her toilet usage, and for the rest of the day, but once, she made it to the toilet. She even used the toilet with out me helping her a couple of times. Oh my heavens I am so excited to be done with diapers!
My plan is is not to put her in an another diaper from this time forth. We might not go any where for a while,  I know there will be a "potty spill" from time to time, and night time might take a few nights to figure out, but I don't have to buy another box of diapers for Macy ever again. hallelujah

I am thankful that Macy has decided to use the potty!!!!

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