Friday, November 4, 2011

A Few Random Ones

Again I waited till late in the night to write a post on gratitude, and my brain and my fingers don't seem to be working very well. So for today I will list of a few thing that make my life easier, happier, and/or better:) Oh these aren't list in any order of importance.

Spell check, yeah I am not a speller.
Netflix, I guess i shouldn't use it so much as a babysitter but it works so well.
Elcetric blankets, I don't have one, but I happy they exsist, because one day I will have one, and    my life will be better.
My home phone, I always know where it is unlike my cell phone.
Air fresheners, Because my house can smell like clove, grapefruit, pumpkins, Christmas, flowers, fresh linens, or whatever I want to.
Makeup, Because I lookbetter with it on
Yard sells I love good deals, plus yard sells make me extremely happy.
Flowers,  Where ever they are flowers make life so beautiful, colorful, and fragrant.
My Bed, Because it so comfortable, and all i want to do at the moment is to get in it.
Digital Cameras, I can take a million pictures of the same thing and it doesn't matter.

And that is ten random things I am thankful for, and I feel that is good for tonight.

PS I am thankful that Amber Logas invited me to her house and fed my family delicious enchiladas.

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Amber and Ryan said...

Your welcome! I think I will have me one right now for a late breakfast.