Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day Off

Nope, I did no post a gratitude post yesterday. I have several excuses, but even more important than the excuses I was ready  to have a day off from blogging. Yesterday was the perfect day to take time off from the computer. I slept in, shopped, had a spa day, made ginger bread houses, played games, laughed till I snorted, and spent time with family. It was lovely in deed. And since I was staying at my in laws my in laws they were basically babysitting the girls the entire time. LOVED IT!!!
Even though my days are fairly simple and low stress I am thankful for my days off, like yesterday, where I get to kick my feet up and take it easy. I am thankful that my mother and father in law are SO willing and Happy to babysit  Tori and Macy so often. I am thankful that Jake understands that shopping and spa outings make me very happy:). I am thankful for family and that we can have good times together.
And I am happy to get to write a post about it today.

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